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Class of 2019
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Watermelon Fest
Watermelon Fest
Brown Dawg welcoming families
Saluki Family Weekend


New Student Programs helps connect students and families to the university and community. These connections facilitate the integration of students and families into the intellectual, cultural and social climate of SIU and Carbondale. Students can focus on enhancing their Saluki experience and are given the tools to begin their journey.

As we return to campus and begin a new semester, it is important to reflect on what it means to be a member of the Saluki family. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live and learn in a safe and welcoming environment. salukisinunitySalukis In Unity is designed to appreciate, promote and program around what makes us all proud members of our campus community. Join us at these activities and experience #SalukisInUnity.
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The Dean of Students unit, a member of the Division of Student Affairs, actively partners with the campus community to provide transformational, holistic programs and services that challenge and empower students to learn, serve, and succeed. The Dean of Students unit includes: